Disturbedmartyr Stories

This is an incredibly plain-looking but working (and that's what matters) website housing the stories I make on Twine, a text-based editor. They are in the form of Choose-Your-Own-Adventure, allowing you to make choices that affect the story. Different stories have different levels of control. Currently under major revision. 

My tumblr can be found here, for contact and update purposes. My deviantart is here for the same reason. There is no 'save' option, so it's recommended that you bookmark your spot and hope the URL doesn't break something.  

Chapter Three of Sorgen is currently being written, so stay tuned.


Discovery (15 pages) Just a story about how I discovered the Twine interface.

Sorgen: Chapter One (45 pages) A young woman named Rachel hires two Hunters by the name of Geoff and Mercer to find her sister's killer--which she knows isn't human.

Sorgen: Chapter Two (NEW!) (43 pages) The hunt begins, and Rachel learns the very real dangers of being involved in the work of Hunters.